Terms and Conditions

Concluded between www.parapark-frankfurt.de website (- hereinafter Site) operator teamsinn e.K. (60596 Frankfurt, Waidmannstraße 21 - hereinafter Provider) and the registered recipients of the service provided on the website (hereinafter referred to as User).

(1) Reservation can be initiated only to the available dates indicated by green colour.

(2) To make a reservation the following data must be provided:

(3) With requesting a reservation the User accepts the contractually regulated use of the Site and the Terms of Use & Conditions and makes sure that all the other players do so as well. He also accepts to pay the fees according to the price list and cancellation fees according to the Terms of Use & Conditions.

(4) After a successful reservation the Provider sends an e-mail to the User to the e-mail address previously specified. This e-mail includes::

(5) The Provider is not liable for any problems resulting from the inaccurate information provided during the registration process.
(6) The data provided during the registration is managed by the Provider to identify the User and to prepare the invoice.
(7) The fee must be paid in cash in the establishment. The fee for a 8-person-game is 160.00 €, for a 7-person-game 140.00 €, for a 6-person-game 120.00 €, for a 5-person-game 110.00 €, for a 4-person-game 100.00 €, for a 3-person-game 90.00 € and for a 2-person-game 70.00 €. The minimum amount of players per booking is 2 persons.
(8) The User accepts that the invoice will be sent electronically.
(9) The User can only make one booking for the same room. More bookings for the same room for different time slots are only possible after prior agreement. Disrespecting this term will lead to the cancellation of all bookings for this room.


(1) User has the possibility to delete the booking by clicking on the link in the confirmation e-mail.

(2) If the User cancels or changes the booking in less than 5 days (120 hours) prior to the booked time, a cancellation fee of EUR 50.00 will be charged.
(3) If the User cancels or changes the booking in less than 24 hours prior to the booked time, a cancellation fee of EUR 70.00 will be charged.
(4) If the User doesn't show up on the booked time without notice, a cancellation fee of EUR 90.00 will be charged.


(1) If the Provider cannot provide the dates booked due to technical or other reasons, the reservation will be cancelled, but in this case – as per User’s wish, the Provider gives a new date or refunds the paid amount.


(1) To request a voucher the user needs to fill out the order form on the website. The voucher can be downloaded by clicking the link in the email notification of the payment.

(2) The voucher can be used in any track in Frankfurt within 12 months. The expiry date is indicated in the voucher. Each voucher can be used only once during its validity period.

(3) It is not possible to extend the validity of an expired voucher.


(1) ParaPark is a playful group seminar based on the principles of the flow-theory.

(2) Every participant is involved in the game at his/her own risk.
(3) The minimum number of players per game is 2 persons. One person must be over 18 years and a second person over 12 (Studio 113) respectively 14 (9-Gateway)

(4) The recommended age for the participants is 12 years. However, the adult companion has to decide if the game is suitable for the particular child. Children under the age of 12 have to be accompanied by an adult.

(5) It is prohibited to participate in the game under the effect of alcohol or any other mind-altering substances.

(6) Persons, who are afraid of narrow spaces, who are suffering epilepsy, asthma or infectious diseases are asked not to participate in the game.

(7) Every participant is obliged to inform himself about how to get to the location before the game.Relation to a delay 10 minutes lateness to the time booked the start of the game is no longer possible.

(8) It is prohibited to take pictures or videos inside the game rooms.

(9) Smoking, littering and noise is prohibited in and outside the premises.

(10) Every participant has the right to end the game at any time. The regular game fees apply.

(11) Participation in the introduction is obligatory. In case of violation of the game rules explained by the staff, the game can be stopped.

(12) Any damage caused by improper usage of the items can be claimed or can lead to an abortion of the game.

(13) It is not allowed to use items which are not part of the game, except those who are necessary for the participants well-being.
(14) Abortions caused by terms (5) to (13) will lead to a cancellation fee of 90,00 €.

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E-mail: mail@parapark-frankfurt.de
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